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Filled to the brim with Fangirlish Squee

How cool was that?

As the BBC have made the mini episode available online, I'm not going to be too picky about spoilers - look! It's right there!

I had a moment of doubt: sat in a hotel room in Scotland earlier this week, I saw the Children in Need trailer and suddenly doubted my enthusiasm for David Tennant as the Doctor. Had my hopeless girly side, the bit that still laughs when he says 'Bar-ce-lo-na', sent my judgement into some kind of hormonal spin? But no, he really is going to be a good Doctor, isn't he?

There is a grand tradition of Post Regeneration Stress Disorder scenes in which the new Doctor shows how he is different to the old one by a) being rude, b) being confused or c) attempting to kill the companion. What impressed me with this was that you could imagine Eccleston saying the same lines, with the same emphasises, so you know at some level that it is Doctor, yet he is utterly different. And it was so wonderfully scripted: the "Can you change back?" / "No. Do you want me to?" / "Yes." exchange was simply lovely. Also the "Was that a smile?" bit - he's going to be a charmer. Rose's doubts and rationalisations, the way he convinces her...oh, all of it.

Also, it is cute how skinny he looks in Eccleston's clothing. Awwww. I wanna ruffle his hair. That's bad. It's like fancying your brother. And just how long will it be till we get a Rose/10th fic called 'Love the Mole'?

There are some screencaps here.

I ::heart:: my Doctor.

Posted @ 11:29 am on Saturday, November 19, 2005
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