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Brass Monkeys

Looking into the flames Back from Belgium. There was plenty of beer. There was a bit of chocolate. Being a veggie, there were a lot of cheese-filled bagettes. the flight back last night had a turbulant landing, due to the strong northerly wind. Stepping onto the tarmac I was nearly blown sideways. Everyone watched a 6 seater prop plane landing with bated breath as its wings dipped through 25 degrees. I got back to an affectionate Sébastian, especially once I got the fire up and burning.

Bishop's Palaces This morning, having got into the habit of waking at 7.30 Brussels time, I woke at 6.30 GMT and decided to get up and get an hour of answering emails at the office before the rest of the UK woke. This also means I walked in before dawn, when the snow had just dusted the Cathedral Green and before the sudden snowstorm at my normal time for walking in.

Even as I type this, the snow is starting again.

Posted @ 11:53 am on Friday, November 25, 2005
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