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these shoes! they fit perfectly!

I love my consnew shoes!
lovely new moss green and pink low top all star converse.

These babies join the existing gang
A concise history of my cons 1998-2005

Just why are cons the design classic beloved by both freaks and geeks? I saw my first real pair in about 1980, and bought my first pair (neon yellow hi tops) in the mid-80s. When you open the box, there they are, snuggled together and emitting a smell of new rubber. They promise kicking around for hours with nowt to do but scuff up the white trim. Worn with a suit they say "yeah, I may work now, but I'm not giving in just yet", worn with old jeans and a scruffy tee they say "yeah? what?". For what is technically a sports shoe, what it never says is 'sports'. I love knowing I can just order a 39 and know they will fit. I love the fact every pair I own has worn out in exactly the same spots because the design never changes. I love the fact the 'all star' tab on the back gives you something to aim at when kicking them off still laced up. I love my cons.

And did I mention the new Doctor wears a pair? Oh, I did...

Posted @ 12:01 am on Wednesday, September 07, 2005
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