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Kill count

Edge of the Seat Sébastian's running kill count:
Mice: 7 8
Birds: 1 (sparrow)
Frogs: 1
Unidentifiable remains: 1

I was watching the 1995 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice, since every cable channel with repeat rights is running it in competition to the new film. I seem prone to hitting those episodes: the "in vain have I struggled..." proposal and That Wet Shirt business. I was never that overwhelmed by That Wet Shirt scene, possibly because I was dating a swimmer at the time and therefore was more startled by the shocking diversion from the text. However, with retrospect, it grows on you until you are vaguely surprised Lizzy doesn't come across a damp Darcy in the undergrowth when you actually reread the novel. As Colin Firth strode manfully across the sward, there was a shrill squeak followed by a growl and a muttered "oh, baby".

Sébastian had made another kill.

This post was edited at 22.06 due to the mouse Armageddon

Posted @ 9:22 am on Tuesday, September 20, 2005
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