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Warring States - event / Bear!

Get out your diaries and look up 16th August. If you're free and around Exeter, I'll be doing some shameless promotion a book launch style thing at the King Ludd bookshop on New Bridge Street at 7pm. I think it'll be a bit of me waffling, a reading or two and then a drinkie or three. I suspect it'll be downstairs, where there's also a little exhibition space. I dropped off some books today and will get a window display. Yay me!


Picked up a copy of Bear #9 and the first two issues of Alan Moore's Albion from Krackers whilst in town. I had to ask quietly if the latter was available, as a guy had just asked them if they had it and been told it was available via pre-order only. I felt that saying "woo! issues 1 & 2 and Albion! You saved them for me!" would not have been politic. Not sure what I think of Albion yet: I feel like I'm missing some key point due to my lack of in-depth knowledge about post-war British comics. The bit in which we get a flashback in the style of Minnie the Minx made me smile, but this intercutting of older comic style with contemporary was done in Doctor Who Magazine's comic waaaay back in the 80s when two pages were suddenly done in the style of Rupert the Bear complete with rhymes beneath each panel (that may even have been around the time that Grant Morrison was writing for the DW comic). Unlike some of Moore's previous comics, I am not enthralled immediately.

Bear is, of course, just pointless violence involving a teddy bear and a cat. I wanna Looshkin plushie.

Posted @ 7:05 pm on Saturday, August 06, 2005
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