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Brush Up Your Shakespeare

The MartiansThis is the only photo of any performers that I took at the Festival. These are the Martians and they do comedy covers of classic pop songs. See the guy standing on a bollard? He sings like Pinky &/or Perky whereas the other two have good strong (Scottish accented) voices. I stopped at the first line of Hard Day's Night just out of curiousity, because a Scottish accent in a performer is a rarity on the Fringe, and stayed for their whole set. Then I eventually got to the free comedy I had been on my way to, and got a load more Scots comics. I suspect the fact I've visited Dundee helped with their set.

Otherwise, and apart from Serenity, I mostly saw Shakespeare. But no straight theatre performances, oh no. Firstly, A Midsummer Night's dream from the East which was the play transplanted to Korea. And in Korean. Actually very funny and smart - not least by dumping the rude mechanicals in favour of a rude old woman. I recommend seeing the theatre company if they tour your area.

I don't know what it is about old Shakespeare but he insisted on putting in notoriously unfunny bits. Like the gatekeeper's scene in Macbeth which remains, well, dull. We saw that too, in a walking production. We got the promised foul and fair day, with a sudden torrential downpour during Act V and then a double rainbow as Burnham Wood came to Dunsinane. And there was Shakespeare for Breakfast who this year performed I'm Julius Cesaer, Get Me Out of Here. That's one for which you need to have at least a passing knowlegde of the key plays.

Not quite sure why I ended up seeing so much Shakespearian stuff. Maybe it was the bad influence of chocolate schnapps at a quid a shot in the underbelly. I'm blaming my rough voice and mild temperature on that and not on getting damp during Macbeth or sitting for an hour in what someone later told me was "one of the most haunted parts of the under city" (a.k.a. Baby Belly 3). The very name of the venue confuses me: part of me wants to start singing the Babybel theme that was a version of Barbara-Ann and another part, due to it being shorted to "BB1", "BB2", "BB3" etc was wondering if one particular venue within it was more evil than the others.

So, anyway, yes. I'm back. I'm going to curl up under a rug and either watch Casanova again or finish reading some books.

Posted @ 6:56 pm on Saturday, August 27, 2005
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