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it's all go, innit?

I'm currently working in Spanish. This is for the day job and involves turning Spanish tech stuff written by someone else into coded source files for a help file. Which leaves me with a headache after a while. Still, at least I brought the work home so I can have endless cups of tea, tease the cat and listen to Pink Floyd and Rufus Wainwright far louder than at the office.

I was in town earlier in the week, and got a No. 14 from South Ken to Piccadilly Circus because of the Pic line being closed. This week was the last week of Routemaster buses on that particular line. I hopped on at Cromwell Road and scampered up the stairs to cram into a tiny seat. Then, stuck in traffic just before the Circus, I clattered back down and swung off. You have to swing because that handpole is just begging you to grab hold and hurl yourself out onto the pavement as if in a 1960s British musical film. Or Absolute Beginners.

And I have a ticket to the Serenity premiere in Edinburgh next month. Yay!

Posted @ 2:02 pm on Saturday, July 23, 2005
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