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The Worst LJ Habit

The ferrett, who isn't on my bloglines subs but was linked to by Poppy Z Brite who is (under writers, not LJ), has posted on The Worst LJ Habits and got a lot of comments. Poppy has selected her favourite (or least favourite) here. I'm just posting this so it goes to my LJ syn account and thus to LJers who read the grouch.

nd, yes, I stopped doing quizzes a year or so back because they are so damn tedious to read, especially when you read a lot of LJs in syn and just find reams of quiz results instead of content. Oh, you're which Jedi now? And which tree? And the works of which author? I want to read about people and/or their ideas/thoughts not how good they are at ticking boxes in self-selected quizzes. And I rarely do memes except when I'm feeling very self-indulgent/bored. (Yes, I've been bored lately, but I'm stopping now.)

I am, of course, aware that by posting this I am in danger of turning it into another LJ meme...

Posted @ 12:42 pm on Wednesday, June 01, 2005
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