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How Not to Avoid the Internet

See, I was trying to dodge everything, but then I got distracted. Someone mentioned Calendar / Sunbird to me. This is a Calendar app by Mozilla, the people who brought us Thunderbird and Firefox. Calendar is the plug-in organiser for Thunderbird or Firefox; Sunbird is the standalone job. Straightaway I found the Calendar app has a problem with pane-resizing on my PC but that Sunbird did not. Ten minutes later I sussed out how to get the two apps cross-referring (i.e. sharing the calendar across both apps). Then I tracked down the UK holidays calendar to sub to so they show up as well...

Which led me to iCalShare where in theory you can sub to all sorts of obscure Calendars. Except one for Doctor Who. Yes, I am sad enough to have looked. iCalShare led me to iCalExchange where such Calendars can be uploaded for free. I really am rather tempted to try it but I know realistically that I would never maintain such a thing. Or I'd get someone insisting I also tag every UKGold repeat etc. At which point I'd suggest they get something like digiguide and quit bugging me: do I look like the Radio Times?

So, just for this week:
Doctor Who, UK Schedule (ICS format suitable for subscribing to from calanders)
Doctor Who, UK Schedule (via html viewer)

What I ought to do is email the types at OG or whatever about creating something like this properly for each region. Or the books. Or something.

I'll go and unplug my net connection now, shall I?

Posted @ 12:11 am on Friday, June 17, 2005
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