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electronic voodoo thinking #1

I use a little freeware app, Rainlender, as my organiser. Tonight I got around to entering birthdays into it, with handy reminders set etc. I am highly skilled at forgetting birthdays. As I started adding them I became intensely paranoid about double-checking I had "yearly event" ticked, as if only entering the event once would call down the loa and doom the person to die within the year. This is obviously an electronic version of the superstitions about spending Hallowe'en in a church porch or the like. Really, all that would happen if I forgot to tag it as "yearly" is that I would once again forget a siblings' birthday and be osterisized but still I found myself cross-checking.

It naturally occurs to me, after that, that I could also deliberately curse someone using the same tool. If I know their birthday...

Posted @ 10:12 pm on Monday, June 06, 2005
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