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Avoid the Internet

The BBC have advised Doctor Who fans to Avoid the Internet in order to avoid spoilers for the finale this Saturday. I am also going to have to avoid my email (someone has sent me something marked "huge spoiler" and I am resisting the temptation to open it, having already read one major spoiler).

Apparently today's tabloids have screengrabs from it which look very good. So that means I have to avoid the newsagents for the next three days. Although I did buy the TV Times due to something on its cover. And also warned a spoilerphobic friend not to read the listing for it in the Radio Times. Which I did read on Tuesday, and really wish I hadn't.

I'm starting to think I need to just stay under the duvet until 7pm Saturday. Possibly singing "la la la" to myself. Is even listening to the Today programme safe?

And, yes, all my phones will be off until 7.46pm.

It's so strange: the idea that Doctor Who - that show which I loved all through the Long Hiatus (1989-2005) when it had become a staple of lazy jokes and good KitKat adverts - is so big that it gets a 35% audience share on sunny summer evenings and the tabs are going insane over. It's like some alternate reality where I get to laugh as people tell me how much they are enjoying it. And there'll be another season of it and a Christmas special still to come. I'm starting to laugh again.

Posted @ 10:17 am on Thursday, June 16, 2005
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