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Kelly is here, Kelly is here! La la la! Law's written about last nightalready. Whilst they do touristy things in sensible shoes, I shall have my head down with a final manic burst of exorcism on the novel. Seems my "slight overrun" is a problem. Grr.

Lining up the Cosmopolitans
I have alcoholic-induced fuzzy mouth. Sunday night I went to Carrie's for cocktails. My Cosmopolitans looked radioactive, so I think I need to rethink the recipe. I also made Brassy Blondes (citroen vodka, cointreau and pineapple juice) which were quite sweet. Then last night we knocked back a bottle of Castillo de Diablo and some white wine whilst munching on snack foods and watching Black Books.

Law's cat, the Reverend, is much smaller than he looks in photos. Or maybe I've just become used to Sébastian's largeness. Except Carrie's two seemed quite small on Sunday and I know her Scully used to be big. Have I adopted a monster?

Posted @ 8:39 am on Tuesday, May 03, 2005
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