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unhappily ever after

A couple of weeks back I grouched vaguely about the gamma romantic hero and the bulletproof kink that is UST. Before getting distracted into how many Pros fans read the grouch (Granada 'Men and Motors' 6pm and 9pm weeknights, btw, ladies and they're on season 1 or so), I also read Pemberley. Or Pride & Prejudice Continued. In a piece of shameless cross-promotion, I'm just blogging now to point out my review of it is up on the moosifer jones' reading blog.

I'm back at feeling like I'm at a loss. The big ugly project at the day job is wound up. There was a rather alarming three days headache with Warring States in which 17% of the thing had to be cut (I have saved the bigger passages) and I do not yet have anything new to obsess over. Naturally, there is nothing on tv I want to watch (Bodie and Doyle aside). I've borrowed Freaks and Geeks from Carrie, so I may watch the first episode of that tonight.

Posted @ 7:28 pm on Wednesday, May 11, 2005
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