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sing while you have time

The grouch is, rather obviously, not an mp3 blog. But my recent obsession with the Rufus Wainwright track Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk made me dig into my CD stack and pull out the album Casanova by The Divine Comedy. I don't know the specific genre name for the sort of darkly lush lyrical stuff is (and I'd put The Magnetic Fields into the same genre) but it is one of my favourites.

So, in a rare burst of mp3 blog-ism, here's the most obvious and lovely track from Casanova:
The Divine Comedy - Songs of Love

(buy the album via

Anyone not familiar with the Divine Comedy but familiar with British sitcoms might recognise it as, rather implausibly, the theme to Father Ted although I have long since managed to disentangle the two in my mind. Anyone who was as enthralled by the recent Casanova drama might recognise something of the lyrics (Hannon describes the album as "inspired by the writings of the eighteenth century Venetian gambler, eroticist and spy"). Oh yes.

Fate doesn't hang on a wrong or right choice
Fortune depends on the tone of your voice
So sing while you have time
Let the sun shine down from above
And fill you with songs of love.
It made me wonder to what - if any - extent the album may have influenced the production. The album takes elements of Casanova and reworks them as refractions of modern life. Now I know something more about Casanova than "he climbed over the Doge's palace roof" the thematic unity of the album is much clearer. If you own a copy and have seen the drama, I throughly recommend a relisten.

Posted @ 1:08 pm on Sunday, May 01, 2005
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