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mags is...

Another meme from Laura - curse you, woman! Write the next chapter of Mortal Wounds so I can get the Spuffy love instead of evil memes! I think the idea is to bold the ones you find frighteningly accurate...

mags is now well underway with solid funding for its university component | mags is viewed with trepidation as another sign that our society is descending into amorality | mags is enjoyable for short periods of time but is not especially addictive | mags is proquest | mags is singing lead vocals | mags is one of the most consistent players i've ever seen | mags is keen to teach them to swim | mags is to be witnessed by all with the glorious revenge |mags is the most beautiful soul despite all types of surgery and medical complications | mags is probably being louder than anyone else at this point | mags is $38 each | mags is already dozing | mags is quite a fair hobbit | mags is the look out | mags is busy making it big time directing a musical | mags is completely false | mags is part of a larger global effort with the same objective in mind | mags is a rather obese | mags is a lesbean | mags is revealed to be a werewolf |mags is leaving april velvet | mags is certainly nothing radically different from past endeavors | mags is mags | mags is a very nice experience | mags is probably the biggest nut | mags is thirsty and eyes the punch bowl immediately upon entering | mags is not associated in any way

sebastian is a neutered young peruvian male who is ready to fine a young lady to woo and live out his days with | sebastian is now a claw memfur | sebastian is king triton's royal composer and 'volunteer' teenage | sebastian is alone | sebastian is right | sebastian is it wicked not to care lyrics | sebastian is the same with his new cage | sebastian is one of florida's authentic treasure coast communities and the famous home of america's first national wildlife refuge | sebastian is located in indian river county between vero beach and melbourne | sebastian is in charge of the media management concerning the project twrsd350 | sebastian is in need of a loving home in michigan | sebastian is in hospital |sebastian is wrong | sebastian is grown and harvested in forest | sebastian is major character and appears in most story lines | sebastian is the best cat character in the whole world | sebastian is for gay and lesbian | sebastian is interwoven with fishing and indian river lagoon | sebastian is well realized and poignantly real | sebastian is attending the 6th semester at the music faculty of brasov | sebastian is one very spoiled iguana and lives in his very own iguana 'condo' built especially for him | sebastian is rumored to have killed his wife | sebastian is suppose to be doing an interview with much music soon | sebastian is an enigmatic personage who takes charles under his wing at school | sebastian is the best | sebastian is very familiar with durango | sebastian is often represented as a naked youth wearing a crown who is tied to a tree and shot with arrows | sebastian is considered a protector against the plague | sebastian is a powder blue self dumbo | sebastian is so enticing | sebastian is one of them | sebastian is the 4 | sebastian is famous for snook in september | sebastian is a crab | sebastian is a writer for film and television as well as books | sebastian is great | sebastian is exemplary in various respects

Posted @ 10:11 pm on Sunday, May 22, 2005
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