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Into the Valley of the White Horse

Long-term readers may recall that last year I went to an excellent arts festival in Oxfordshire, which included listening to talks I wasn't expecting to go to, climbing a strange tower, having a Bernard-esque epiphany which caused me to stop smoking* and reading poetry aloud in a pub backroom.

This year's festival website has just gone live: Faringdon Arts Festival Website. Highlights for me include the wonderful Gywneth Jones, the erudite Briggsy Stephen Briggs, the fabulous-and-why-isn't-everyone-reading-him-yet? Jasper Fforde and Brian Aldiss (about whom I have no adjectives because he's the only one I've not met before). Oh! And Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze in concert. The whole thing is from 1st-10th July, but the 9th/10th are the days with the headline stuff. I was thinking about doing some walking about the Vale of the White Horse this summer so I may try to combine things. Also gives me a chance to catch up with the BE and his family.

If the line-up sounds enticing, check out the (lack of) prices. Yes, most events are free.

*aside from the odd lapse in a club when I become one of those irrating non-smokers who scrounges fags off the smokers.

Posted @ 10:57 am on Monday, May 02, 2005
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