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camper than a row of tents

I shouldn't be allowed a disposable income.

For many years, my tent was a rather elderly Eurohike 2-person dome in green and purple. Over the years, guyropes had been replaced with "anything handy" including some rather good fluresent tape which enabled me to spot the tent in a crowded Glastonbury field. No tripping up in the dark for me! At some point in the last three years, the tent went missing. I rather suspect it of being either on loan to a very forgetful person (although not as forgetful as me, since I can't remember) or at my Ex's house. Whilst a tent is no longer an essential (I can afford to sleep indoors on holidays now), I do rather like to own one in case some mysterious set of circumstances cause me to need it. Or so I'm not reliant on borrowing one for CCDE (not that I am CCDEing this year as I think it clashes with my best friend's wedding (an event unlikely to involve Rupert Everett, sadly). grr.).

As a little girl, we had a real canvas tent. With wooden poles, including the evil crossbar. You had to build the frame, then get people to hold the poles at either end whilst the canvas was heaved over and tied in place. It was a scout tent. No nonsense. A tent for a man's man.

I just bought a Cath Kidston 3-person floral tent.

I know, I know: it'll look naff in five years time. I know, I know:it's taking 'kitsch' to new levels. But it's a camp tent! It isn't survivalist or macho. I only wish you could get it in her cowboy pattern. Even Cowgirls Get in Tents.

Shall I do the "now is the winter of our discount tents" joke now or later? (I did actually see a camping store in Sheffield with that in the window once).

Posted @ 5:50 pm on Tuesday, May 17, 2005
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