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vote moosifer for a fourth glorious term!

Yes, it's election 2005. Below is your ballot sheet: do not deface it.
Democratic web design
It's time for version 4 of moosifer jones' lair. There'll be nice clean CSS, some smart business with RSS feeds from and New Features. Obviously, this will also change the design of the grouch. But one of the early questions is: which font to use for the graphical text?

It's going to be purple on white with grey detail, as usual, but I want a new funkier - but still punkier - graphical text for the logo, sub-logos etc. Vote for your favourite, either using a first past the post system or a more complicated candidates in order of preference thing. Like all elections, the results may seem skewed (i.e. I may decide to use something else entirely).

Updated to add: I've got the skellington of the design up but it will be going through a load more changes. And I'm trying to find more funky wallpapers to try for the background.

Posted @ 9:17 am on Monday, April 18, 2005
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