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Salut! M'aidez?

Salut! Dans Mai, Kelly et moi etre en vacances dans Paris. Je suis une hotel dans le Rive Gauche et les billets pour le eurostar. Mais nous etres dans Paris pour duex jours. Je suis végétarienne, mais je mange aux produits laitiers et oeufs. Kelly mange viande. Est-ce que vous pouvez me conseiller cafés et restaurants?

Je parle un petit peu Francais. Un petit, petit peu.

In fact, I had to look half of that up* and even then I suspect it is closer to Franglais than French, so answers in English would be most welcome! Also, suggestions for cool things to see and do in Paris at the start of May, on a Saturday evening or anytime on the Sunday, would also be welcome. I'm already thinking of the marches dans les quais as last time I was there I saw lots of things I wanted but had no money...

*the favourite thing I have found so far in the dinky phrase book is "I am single" which tragically translates as "Je suis célibataire". They never taught me that during schoolgirl French classes...

Posted @ 9:20 pm on Monday, April 11, 2005
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