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the trip of a lifetime

I do have a life. Honest, I just put it down somewhere and can't find it. It may have fallen behind the fridge. This post, however, belies my claim by being another about new Doctor Who. The full 50 second trailer is being broadcast on BBC1 and I just worked out why it cause me to laugh in delight. It's not the look of the thing, although that is cool. It's not the music, although that causes disbelief every time I hear it. It's not Eccleston, although he has, suddenly, become 'the Doctor' in my brain. It's not the whizzy effects, although they look like someone got carried away. No, it's the continuity announcer saying "Doctor Who...coming soon to Saturdays on BBC1."

Not Thursdays, or Tuesdays, or every other Monday depending on the moon's cycle, but Saturdays. Plural. It's a whole damn series! At prime time and trailed heavily in advance. Given that I missed a season opener back in 1989 due to a) not having a tv and b) no publicity...this is....well, I'm as giddy as a school grrl.

I do have other stuff. I'm writing to order, which is odd. And I'm waiting for some important news tomorrow, which is nerve-racking. But....::points::...Doctor Who. On telly.

Posted @ 11:52 pm on Wednesday, March 16, 2005
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