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Things are Getting Strange, I'm Starting to Worry

Still in a limbo world of not having to write every night. I did tidy the house beautifully, including cleaning out a cupboard untouched since I moved into the place. Although my tent is definitely missing. I suspect it is still at the Current Ex's house (along with quite a few books). After the tidy, I then untidied as I had a suden urge to watch the X-Files again. As all my old tapes are crammed into a box underneath the big pile of books waiting to be read, I now have books everywhere.

The X-Files can be blamed/praised for several things in my life. I had a phase of wearing suits when I first got a day job, all of which I would refer to as my "Scully suits". I've toured the FBI building in DC because of it; I made some good and lasting friends via it; I read the Fortean Times every month because of it. Most importantly of all, I started writing fiction again because of it. If I hadn't had the urge to write X-files fanfic, I'd probably not have written the odd piece of Who fic, prpbably not gone from there to writing for the fanthologies and probably not have decided to have one last try at writing a Doctor Who novel. So, you know, Mulder and Scully helped me achieve my dreams.

But, watching a bunch of episodes from season 5, 6 and 7 again, I can also see why I drifted away from the series. At the time, I thought it was the abduction of Mulder again (and this time, we mean it) but I also knew there were elements of christian religious iconography being referenced which made me uncomfortable about where the series was heading. Making Scully a scientific sceptic who also believes in God - or at least has Catholic faith - was not a problem. That great scientists can have great faith is a matter of record. No, it is the beautification of her - the use of blatant Madonna & child imagery (even before the miricle birth in a rain-lashed motel) - and the treating of Mulder as a Christ figure - he is crucified so that others may live and then rises again in Amor Fati - which led me to turn away from the series. There's an entertaining moment on one tape where the off-air picture wobbles and the end of an X-Files episode cuts to the middle of a Buffy season 1 episode. One of the wonderful things about Buffy is that, from the start, there is no heavy use of Christianity. The crosses work to repel the vampires, true, but there is no suggestion that religious faith has anything to do with it. From Whedon's commentary on Firefly, you get the idea that he refutes blind faith which is much more in keeping with my own thoughts. From the X-files, you get the idea that Carter moved towards a greater christian faith over time. so my switch from one series to the other becomes more explicable.

Mind you, the X-File episode Hollywood AD ("Mulder, I have something to confess. I'm in love with Assistant Director Walter Skinner.") did cause a burst of laughter when I realised it involves gnostic texts about Mary Magdelene and Jesus which the church are attempting to hide. Yes, Mulder and Scully do the Da Vinci Code.

What I ought to have been doing, instead of watching Mulder's puppy-dog eyes, was prepping my talk for Saturday at Microcon 2005. I've got the 10am slot, which should be fun. Then two panels throughout the day. So, 10am this Saturday. Come along and laugh as I get confused because I winged it instead of prepping.

Posted @ 11:16 am on Thursday, March 03, 2005
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