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That Very Important News

Last week, Carrie and I decided on Sunday morning to go for a walk on Woodbury Common in the afternoon. As we were driving out, we decided to go to the Cats Protection adoption centre out that way. There were many cats, several of whom I liked but no joy. So, having got started on visiting the centres, we went over to theLittle Valley Animal Shelter which is run by the RSPCA. There were several fluffy things. I don't dislike fluffy cats - the current Ex's cat is fluffy and lovely - but I'm more of a short hair person. Then, at the far end, in the same pen that Carrie found Scully, was a very lovely grey tabby giving me a "what? I'm busy." look.

He's called Sebastian and I'm collecting him tomorrow to bring him home.

There will be photos. Many, many photos. And I'll write up his back story over the weekend. There's been attempted gazumping. There's been a home visit. There's been anxious moments. But there's a new cat in my life.

Posted @ 10:59 am on Thursday, March 17, 2005
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