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I ::heart:: Flickr

When I first joined flickr, I was wowwed by it as a tool for photo-sharing. A thing designed to allow me to upload my photos, used thumbnails of them, point anyone I wanted to at them (my 'thank you' letters for Christmas went to all my family with a note of my URL). It was, like, cool.

The flickr blog points up stuff which is happening on it and suddenly there are professional photographers putting up their work, or this member posting slides his father took in Vietnam (Vietnam War Photos). The groups function has me reeling with information overload as I join groups dedicated to photos of the British Museum, or the feline overload that is I Love My Cat. Flickr is a project expanding expotentially, and creating a resource of staggering scale which contains the possibility of finding just the image you need. Heidi, over at memyi, suggested using the tags to give yourself a virtual tour of a city and it is indeed rather fun.

I ::heart:: flickr.

Posted @ 5:18 pm on Monday, March 07, 2005
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