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hang on a second, I know that sound...

I spent a fair bit of MicroCon 25 biting my tongue to resist spilling the time and date of the first episode of the new
Doctor Who series. I suspect I even muttered 7pm under my breath. I know I told zevemiel this weekend and may have told Ladylark the other weekend. After last year, when I cheerfully suggested Eccleston was a potential Doctor, I could have racked up serious kudos for predicting the time and date.

Except, obviously, I had been told via the Who fannerati grapevine already. Thankfully, what with the episode leak on Sunday night and the publicity blitz, I only had to whistle innocently for another day or so. The new theme tune is worming its way online as well.

Tonight, despite knowing they were coming, I did a slight double-take on the blipverts. I recognised Billie Piper as Rose but didn't really register what I was seeing until the oooooEEEEEEooooo penetrated my brain. It's real! Look! A real advert for real Doctor Who, on real TV!

Makes up for the fact that last night I dreamt my editor told me to check my mailbox and, sure enough, this morning there were rewrites waiting for me.

Posted @ 12:21 am on Wednesday, March 09, 2005
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