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Would you like some tea?

Tea Paraphenalia
Tea Paraphenalia,
originally uploaded by Mags.
I had a minor spending spree this week, due to the wonders of a rather good payrise in the day job. I got some practical new boots for work from the High Street, a highly non-essential new antique Chinese jacket from a local vintage clothing shop and some bits and pieces of tea-making paraphenalia from The Tea House in Covent Garden. I don't actually need a strainer, for example, but I offered to make tea at a Chinese New Year feast next weekend and I thought the 50p kitchen strainer I use for every day just wasn't up to the role.

I've noticed, as I get more into this whole tea business how similar it is to dope smoking. You start to learn the different types and strains of it, you seek out people who sell the stuff you like most, you start off making do and end up buying specific paraphenalia...So is the current rise in loose tea drinking a side-effect from the reclassification of dope? Or is this just because I only started drinking tea at all after I started smoking dope, so I have subconsciously connected them?

Posted @ 11:19 am on Saturday, February 05, 2005
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