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you can take IE from me

The cat being away at the office, the mice have been busy doing complicated server stuff and the like, including finally switching to firefox. Having tinkered with it a little at the office, I realised I could get around my dial-up account's tie-in with IE and load it on my home PC (hey, the office has broadband, why pay at home?).

It's very swishy and enjoyable, now I've got and blogger's 'blog this!' back. Just need to load the bloglines notifier for it and I am away. I already know flickr behaves under it.

The only issue I have so far is the fact I keep calling it firefly. And then spend at least ten minutes singing the tv theme tune to Joss Whedon's cancelled masterwork (oooh, look....official site for the film, serenity).

Posted @ 11:31 pm on Tuesday, January 25, 2005
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