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Road Rage

This morning I was walking on the pavement next to a petrol station. I was crossing the bit which is normally used as an exit. It being the morning, the area normally being an exit, and me being on the pavement, I did not look to see if anyone was turning in. Someone was, and treated me to abuse for not giving way to him. I doubt he is going to find this, but just as a note to all moronic drivers who think they have the right of way, here's the bloody Highway Code on the matter:

The Highway Code: "Drive carefully and slowly when needing to cross a pavement; for example, to reach a driveway.
Give way to pedestrians on the pavement ".

I did, I confess, flick him a V-sign and tell him it was my bloody right of way. And that he was a wanker.

Bloody drivers.

Posted @ 4:41 pm on Monday, January 17, 2005
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