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MicroCon 2005

The line-up for MicroCon 2005 (5th/6th March, University of Exeter) looks like this (in no particular order):

  • Jasper Fforde
    Author of the cult favourite Thursday Next series of novels (The Eyre Affair, Lost in a Good Book, The Well of Lost Plots, Something Rotten).

  • Ben Jeapes
    Author of His Majesty's Starship, Winged Chariot, The Xenocide Mission, and New World Order.

  • Peter Crowther
    Author of Lonesome Roads, Songs of Leaving and Palindromic, co-author of Escardy Gap (with James Lovegrove) and owner of PS Publishing, a company specialising in SF novellas.

  • Fay Sampson
    Author of the Pangur Bán series of children's novels, Them, The Island Pilgrimage, The Silent Fort and the Morgan Le Fay series.

  • James Lovegrove
    Author of The Hope, Days, How the Other Half Lives, The Foreigners, Imagined Slights, Untied Kingdom and Worldstorm.

  • Keith Brooke
    Author of Keepers of the Peace, Expatria, Expatria Incorporated and Lord of Stone.

  • Lee Wood
    I'm afraid that googles up lots of people - it might be N Lee Wood, but I'm not sure until the committee put up their webpage.

  • Mags Halliday
    me. I'll be waffling about Warring States and time-travelling voodoo cults. As you do.

  • Mark Leyland
    Author of Slate Mountain and Cloudforest.

  • Nick Walters
    Author of various Doctor Who novels, including Dominion, The Fall of Yquatine, Reckless Engineering and Superior Beings.

  • Paul Hinder (aka Paul Leonard)
    Author of various Doctor Who novels, including Genocide, Dreamstone Moon, Revolution Man, The Turing Test and The Last Resort.

  • Richard Freeman
    One of the UK's foremost cryptozoologists.

There'll be talks, readings and panels. This year I intend to become suddenly deaf if asked to fill in on any panels, thus avoiding having to sing for my supper.

There will also be a charity auction in aid of Comic Relief, with one item on offer being a copy The Order of the Phoenix, donated and signed by JKRowling herself for the event.

The con will be held in Devonshire House on the University of Exeter's main campus, on 5th and 6th March 2005. Admission is for the princely sum of UKP5.50 on the door, and advance tickets will apparently be available via the Guild and the Soc for UKP4.00 (still waiting for info on how to get those).

As soon as the committee put up their website, or more authors are added to the guest lists, I'll post more.

Posted @ 1:20 am on Sunday, January 16, 2005
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