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Go West! Life is peaceful there...

Sunset, St IvesTo many of my up-country friends, I live in the sticks. Three hours from London? How can I survive? To prove how non-sticky Exeter is, I went three hours west for my writing break into what is these days called The Far West but which, having gone there often as a kid and being from a Cornish family, I still tend to call Penwith. When the largest town is a third the size of the Devon seaside town you scrambled to get away from as a teenager because it was so parochial and where you can stand in utter silence on a clifftop with no sounds of traffic or people? That is the sticks. And it's very very relaxing.

The photos are tagged, so you can look at, say, all the ones tagged "tate st ives" or "rocks". I've created a representative set with my own favourite photos if you want a short quick trip around the far west.
Sometime I'll organise them into sequential sets of each walk I did, ending, obviously, with the one of my boots going into retirement.

Posted @ 7:44 pm on Sunday, December 05, 2004
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