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Boston bean, soy bean (or, java jive 2)

The coffee at the Boston Tea Party comes via the Union Coffee Roasters. I discovered this by actually paying attention to the card in front of me when I stopped there for a keemun yesterday.

Things are quiet on the grouch due to being stupidly hectic elsewhere. My return from Cornwall to the office got a two minute "how was the break?" followed by a "that 200+ pages of documentation - will it be ready by lunchtime?". Then two days in south Wales, up in the valleys so that I had no mobile signal at all. Followed by a day in Cardiff Castle, running up and down 100 step spiral staircases, and back for cocktails with the ladies at Kinos. Friday and Saturday I tried to get back in my writing groove, but all the house chores were piling up and I was totally stuck on a scene. Sunday I went shopping for presents. And got locked out my house. V. embarassing.

Today, the week of dullness had a glimmer of light as
a) I got my firefly DVD boxset
b) we ran through the final bit of the form at tai chi, so I merely have to practise every day for the rest of my life now
c) I solved the problem with the scene

Posted @ 12:27 am on Tuesday, December 14, 2004
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