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too close to call

or LJs of the Rich & Famous, penultimate part (I hope).

Thanks to GT for leaving notice that LJ has now set up redirects on multiple feeds. However they've redirected the updating feed account (moosifer_jones2) to the non-updating account (moosifer_jones). I've left a message to bubba, promising it'll be the last one, if he could just get them swapped. So, possibly, this is a big hello to the nineteen LJ subscribers who had thought I was being unusually hard-working and not blogging.

Last night I had the wonderful satisfaction of finishing a chapter rather sooner than expected and with less swearing than usual. I had overdone the keemun tea in the afternoon so maybe it was making my brain behave.

Tonight I would be further through my chapter but for a shop's security alarm going off for the last hour and undoing all the relaxing work of a good tai chi class.

PPH outlines his writing practises here, which accords with quite a few other writers I know. There must be freestyle writers out there, working without the map of an outline. I bitch a lot about the outline process, I loathe reducing the ideas down to some linear structure which strips all the imagery out to leave "person X confronts person Y", but I have to concede it is a wonderful guide once you embark on the actual writing. It's like a trail through a wood: you set off sure you've been down it before but wander off to see something new and interesting, only to then realise you're ankle-deep in leafmold and surrounded by trees you swear weren't there before. Then there's just the faint glimmer of the old path, trodden in a previous summer perhaps, and you regain your panicked senses and say "oh, yes, now I go this way".

We were late for tai chi tonight, but I feel like I'm really beginning to learn the path there. Our teacher asked a few of us to mentor others which created a panic in me. I'm not a born teacher and I wasn't 100% sure of the section we're practising. The suggestion did help me as it made the assumption that I knew this and just had to trust in my own knowledge. So I overcame my self-deprecation and learnt a little.

Oh good, someone has shut the damn alarm off. Except now I really want some more tea. I have some assam downstairs...

Posted @ 10:44 pm on Monday, November 01, 2004
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