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The Night Is Long and Dreams are Legion

Mythmakers #15 is out soon and contains a short story by me called The Night Is Long and Dreams are Legion.

It works - I hope - as a standalone story about mortality and eternity, but also as a coda for Warring States. It works up an idea about the City of the Saved, PPH's wonderful construction (as brought to life in his debut Of the City of the Saved... ) so may also entice some Mythmaker readers into Phil's work. Writing it was strange. I agreed I'd try something, threw a few vague ideas to the back of my mind for a week or two and then wrote the majority of it in one sitting as a break from writing with Octavia and Liu Hui Ying's voices. It was fun. It's sometimes hard to remember how fun writing can be, with the struggle to get a novel done to deadline, but this reminded me how fantastic the buzz is when things go well.

The title is a Chinese proverb, ye chang meng duo, which means that you should not take things for granted, or that you should not delay in your actions.

Posted @ 11:58 am on Monday, November 22, 2004
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