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This evening's time-wasting is brought to you by sitemeter, that free tracker of my stats. The strangest referrals currently in the history:

Are they wondering if he is a hobbit? Or looking for comments re the new homonid?
Either way, I suggest the CFZ instead.

Such a staggeringly detailed search, all without any quotes to bundle it together, that I'm amazed there were any results.


Why? Unless searching for Darcy/Daniel slash which, having once discovered some Darcy/Bingley slash*, may not be so far from the truth. I'm not that prone to posting about Bridget Jones - in fact a google of the blog pulls up only one reference to her at all - so why have I got so many hits involving her?

*there's actually an interesting history of Austen fan fiction but as it's part of my talk on fanfic I'm not going to put it here.

Posted @ 8:01 pm on Tuesday, November 09, 2004
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