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The trial

As Mags awoke one morning from uneasy dreams she found herself transformed in her bed into a gigantic insect.

No wait, wrong Kafka story.

I'm sort of enjoying going around the loops with LJ (see previous grouch) but today my mobile phone company also went in for some circular reasoning. I'm due an upgrade but it appears this is too complex an idea for the phone people in the shop. A couple months back I was told I could get one round about now. Last month they told me I could come in on the 19th and get my new phone, that being a month before my contract renewal is due. Today (the 19th), I went in. Oh, apparently my acceptance of a discount last year means that I can't get a new phone until 29th November. This from the same man who last month told me the 19th October. I phoned the phone company where a nice lady confirmed that I could indeed collect a new phone today and assured me that she had a note on the system to that effect. But by the time I was able to go back, the shop was shut. So now I have to go in tomorrow and try to get through the loop again.

I'd change my name to M, to mimic poor K in The Trial, but that always makes me think of Peter Lorre as a child-killer in expressionistic Wiemar Germany, so maybe not...

Posted @ 11:05 pm on Tuesday, October 19, 2004
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