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LJ's of the rich and the famous

The following post is for those of you who are LJ subscribers to my blog. Not that you will be able to read this, due to LJ's curious response to my request for the feed to be changed to my atom feed. All the non-LJ readers should go read something else instead. Or go back to playing the HHGTG game.

Enjoy the following correspondence:

Please could you change the feed of
The blogger atom feed is now configured how I prefer it so I am disabling
the RSS workaround.


Dear user,

Due to the structure and setup of the syndication system on LiveJournal, no two accounts may share the same feed URL, to avoid duplicate accounts pulling the same content. The feed URL you have supplied is already attached to another LiveJournal account. As such, I will be unable to perform this change.

I apologize that I cannot be of more assistance at this time.

Bubba - Syndication Administrator

Did this answer your question?
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NO: link snipped

In that case, as the owner of a site being syndicated without my permission, please could you close the current syndication of the atom feed and redirect the current feed on moosifer_jones to the atom feed from my blog.

I was unaware that anyone had syndicated the atom feed and would prefer to only have a single syndicated account on LJ.

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to delete syndicated accounts. This functionality has been suggested many times before, but it is not known when developers will implement it. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Did this answer your question?
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NO: link snipped

In that case could you please notify me of the name of the syndication of my atom feed so that I can redirect the subscribers to my old feed towards it?

I do not understand why your FAQ tells non-users to contact you if a feed has been syndicated without permission if you are not able to delete the syndication.

It should be pointed out that the only way I can hope to find this other syndicated LJ is if Bubba responds with its ID or if my update of this blog gets flagged here. I'm not quite sure how I notify the users of my moosifer_jones syndication to go to this as-yet-unknown syndication because, of course, I've shut down my old RSS feed...which means they can't see this...

Update: Bubba did get back with the username of moosifer_jones2 for the atom feed i.e.
I was going to change everything but, looking at the LJ feed, the atom one has no subscribers compared to the 18 on moosifer_jones. So I'm going to see if it is possible to get the moosifer_jones2 suspended
and the original moosifer_jones updated to the atom feed.

Posted @ 10:33 pm on Monday, October 18, 2004
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