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The Importance of Being Grouchy

or, LJs of the Rich and the Famous, part 2.

Things are moving on in terms of fixing the LJ feed. Today I got this from bubba:

Recently (just after answering your last request, actually) the tools were developed and tested for the merging of syndicated accounts in situations such as this. This code would redirect all users from the second feed to the first, which would use the correct feed URL.

However, new code is not immediately pushed live to after its development. It could take anywhere from several days to a few weeks before this syndication account merge code goes live. If you'd like, I can keep track of this request so that once the code goes live, I can make the appropriate changes and notify you.
So yay for bubba and the LJ support. Hopefully we'll see something before the year is out.

And now for some plugs:
  • Dogs for Homes is a blog seeking homes for dogs in the London area. Even if, like me, you think dogs are annoying smelly idiots who are clearly inferior to cats, please plug it to others.

  • buy my (old) book! are offering H101 at the bargain price of £4.49 inc. delivery. You can even use it as a guide to Barcelona (not a very good guide, it has to be said, although it will point you towards the vicinity of an excellent vegetarian indian restaurant).

Posted @ 1:10 am on Saturday, October 23, 2004
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