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I'm Eeeevvviilllll!

No, not a late Friday quiz result as I'm giving them up. Well, OK, sort of a quiz result. The Germatriculator tells me that my non de guerre / plume is 80% evil whilst my given name is 80% good. This, obviously, indicates that I choose to be evil. Mwhahahahaha. Ha.

Curiously, the diminuative version of my given name, i.e. the name used by work, almost all my family and a slim majority of friends, is exactly balanced at 50% good, 50% evil.

This blog is certified 46% EVIL by the Gematriculator, whereas my homepage is merely 36% EVIL. So my random grouches are more evil than my Real Work. Of the sites I admin on, advertising_ghosts is 42% good, and the faction paradox forum is (I assume) so evil that it broke the analysis mechine.

This device also lets you check extracts, leading to a dreadful temptation to test large chunks of the novel (and indeed, two sentences from an introductory passage just rated as 91% Good ) but that is a notion I must resist. I've mentioned before that there is a fair bit of numerological whatnot underlying the structure of Warring States so the idea of testing it for numerological Goodness is horrifically seductive. Oh, wait, my current opening sentence is only 57% Good...

note to the money publisher: blame Trina for linking to the site, not me...

Posted @ 7:59 pm on Friday, October 08, 2004
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