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I don't spy for the FBI

or LJs or the Rich and Famous part 3.

This isn't about the paused discussion re my LJ syndication feed (thank gods, say the non-tech people) but a post flagging up something rather alarming.

Annie Sewell-Jennings is a Buffy fanfic writer. I don't read her LJ, just her fiction. That's not an issue, just some context as to why I came across this. A friend who does read her LJ just pointed this out to me:

(update: Secrets & Lies linked to the above on mefi, so it may be hard to open the link tonight)

To summarize, Annie posted some sarcastic comments about President Bush on her LJ (see mefi). A few of her friends replied. Last night, the FBI were literally on her doorstep checking she was not a threat to the President's life and/or national security. She now has an FBI file and may well be put on the 'no fly' list (i.e. no airline will take her as a passenger). Please follow the link and leave a supportive comment. Whilst I remain convinced LJ is a rather insular online community which fosters the idea that posters are in some way seperated from the wider world of the net, it is still alarming to read that this happens to someone within its fuzzy world.

Some of comments so far have said that it makes them glad to live outside America, but the Indymedia seizure suggests that American agencies can now act with impunity on UK soil without the involvement of UK government agencies. So British bloggers/LJers/whatever should sit up and pay attention: we may not be being watched, but the we could be shopped to the FBI.

Posted @ 7:12 pm on Wednesday, October 27, 2004
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