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do NOT use the word 'party' as a verb under my roof

Just how small is the UK blogsphere? Aside from checking the list at Britblog, you can also see that the entire UK blogscene may fit in a single party venue. The Webloggers' End Of Year Party 2004 is being organised. As it looks likely to be in London and at a weekend, and I spotted Aquarion (who I know via Discworld) so there would be at least one person there I have met before, I've put my name down. And now I'm linking to it as a "oooh, look at this!" here so anyone else interested can go along and offer suggestions for venues and dates.

(My work Christmas meal is on a Tuesday night, thus getting me 1.5 days off (travel to head office, recover from hangover, travel back) so the December diary is starting to fill)

Posted @ 9:49 am on Friday, October 08, 2004
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