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Travels from my kitchen sill: from South America and Madagascar, via Kew and the local shops.

WARNING! The following post contains gardening geekiness.

I have a collection of leafy succulant plants and have just finished a reorganisation of them. Only one repotting, and that of a South African Crassula conjuncta I actually bought several months ago for 75p from a box of plants outside a tv repair shop on my street. The reason I collect succulants is, obviously, that you can forget to repot a new one for a quarter and still have a thriving plant. Then again, it's almost impossible to kill a succulant.

I did buy three from Habitat a year or so ago (two Mexican Echeveria gibbiflora and a S.African Haworthia attenuata), of which two have died. Whereas the ones bought from church fetes, tv hardware stores and the Kew Gardener shop at Kew Gardens tube station (then transported home squished into a plastic bag along with some old terracotta pots*) are doing well. The Senecio Crassissimus (from Madagascar via Sheffield and Kew) needs perhaps a little more shade, to bring out its purple edges. I have so many Aeonium arboreum (native to the Macaronesian Islands, bought in a petfood store on my street) that I'm planning to give some away (there's advance warning on what some people might get for Midwinter).

My lovely wonderful nikon was in the same bag as my laptop, which is deeply annoying. I'm borrowing Carrie's again to get a load of photos of the flowers in Southernhay Gardens before the summer finally fades, so I'll get some shots of my indoor plants as well.

Here are the photos. All taken with Carrie's nikon either on my kitchen table or my lounge floor.

aeonium arboreum | echeveria gibbiflora #1 | echeveria gibbiflora #2 | crassula conjuncta

senecio crassissimus | unknown genus #1 | unknown genus #2

*yes, Kew is apparently a long way to go to get plants. However, it's the station used for Kew Palace (part of the Historic Royal Palaces group), the National Archives Gardens. Plus the woman there often has old Victorian terracotta pots, perfect for succulants. She actually gets the plants from a man in Sheffield.

Posted @ 8:04 pm on Wednesday, September 08, 2004
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