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I've just finished uploading the microsite for a charity rendition of the Buffy musical episode, Once More With Feeling: OMWF :: charity production for the Sudan appeal :: Discworld 2004. All monies raised will be donated to the Sudan Emergency Appeal.

If you're coming to the convention, please come along. We're only mildly panicking about Xander and the henchmen at the moment. If you're not coming to the con, there's a paypal donation button on the site. Donate because you think the idea is insane. Or you like it. Or you think getting a Doctor Who author with very limited singing ability (but some nifty footwork) to play Willow in a musical is humiliating amusing. Alternatively, follow the links and donate something to the Diasters Emergency Committee directly. Or pop into Oxfam and stuff a quid in a box. If you know a Buffy fan, or a Pratchett fan, or anyone else who might find this of interest, please pass it along.

Posted @ 1:35 am on Saturday, August 14, 2004
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