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I just know I've forgotten something. Got a staggering 4 or so hours sleep last night, a new 'short time' record for a normal weekday. Obviously, weekdays involving going out, playing mahjongg with bikers 'til gone midnight, gigs, late night trains or any another stimulant-fuelled evening which leads to less than four hours are discounted as cheating. This is a record "too much to do to actually sleep" night.

I worry about my decreasing sleep time: the thing that unfortunately leaps to mind is Thatcher's infamous four hours a night claim and really, if there's anyone in the world, ever, who I can't abide having something in common with then it's her. Next you know it'll be big bows on the front of blouses and bad bouffant hair. And being burnt in effigy. And going completely insane (must have been the lack of sleep). I'd have to dance on my own grave as well, which could be complicated.

I've done everything I can to get the musical ready for Saturday and keep running through lists of stuff to do once at the con. There are posters, scripts, bits of costume. It's not a full production, but we're all going to find our most character-esque clothing. Sadly, I could do Willow in my street clothes. I'm not going to: I'm going to wear the corset Kelly made for me. Giles has tweed, Buffy has leather trousers, etc. The day job deadline is almost over, but getting it done prior to the convention means I was in the office until 8.30pm last night. Luckily I had a sober conversation with the editor about timescales on the novel.

Well, it was a sober conversation once I recovered from accidentally seeing the horses jumping over minature houses at the Olympics. For some reason, I flicked past just as they did a crane shot and my sense of scale was completely thrown by it. Giant horse! Another friend has also been struck by it, describing it as "crazy golf with horses" (mini-golf, for you Americans) and telling me there is a tiny castle on another course. Clearly, this is going to be the bizarre crazy of these Olympics just as curling was the in-thing at the last winter one.

Please visit the musical site and donate - we'll be putting up pictures and maybe even movies of it after the event. Also, if you're reading this - link to us. Go on...

Posted @ 12:38 pm on Thursday, August 19, 2004
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