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Back from Discworld. At the moment, all I have to show as inducement to donate to the Sudan appeal is a rather fuzzy b&w photo from the convention press. I think that's from Walk Through the Fire, the most complex song for us as a group. I didn't forget my line. Although Giles had promised to pinch me if I did. And getting applause for it was very odd. There will be more photos later on, and there were video cameras in the room. I think I'm going to refuse to upload any vid footage until we've reached a target sum, but I'm not sure what yet. We raised UKP127 in cash on the day, plus there are over UKP100 in pledges and online donations but I'm going to do the maths tomorrow.

My thanks to the concom for fitting us in, the others for taking up the idea and running with it, and the audience for enduring...

Update: the maths is done. The current running total is £245.

Posted @ 7:38 pm on Monday, August 23, 2004
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