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Oooh, look, free flights!

Last Friday, I went out to the Sainsburys on the far side of town. The one that is a pain to get to if you don't own a car. The sort of one which doesn't really bother having baskets because it doesn't expect pedestrians. I got a lot of odd looks when I got there as I walked straight in and straight to the booze section without even bothering to look for a basket. In the Sainsburys Central in town, this is perfectly normal behaviour. Although normally only exhibited by the homeless Bulmers cider crowd at 10am and people about to go out and looking for some vodka at 6pm. In the out-of-town supermarkets, this is a sign that you are some kind of weirdo without a family. Or a car. I am not a weirdo. I just knew they had the wine with the offer of a free flight (excluding airport tax) to the USA available there. I have since spotted it in the Threshers Wine Shop on my street (but that's OK, I forgive the people who told me Sainsburys for telling me Sainsburys because it cost less than two quid on the bus and I have a case load of red wine and the flight coupon. I'm currently drinking the wine: can you tell?).

So, anyway. Four of us are planning a girly shopping trip in January, hopefully to New York (very Sex and the City, hopefully with shoe shopping and cocktails). However, you have to put three destinations down on the form, in case they can't get you your first choice.

The East Coast options are: Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Washington DC or Miami. I've done DC a couple of times so, whilst I don't mind going again, I'd rather go elsewhere. Miami, I suspect, is not that hot in January/February but if it's a good time to go, we need to know...

So, really, we need advice. Where are four grrls to go for a fun weekend or week, out of those options? Should our scheme to go together fail (bloody small print may yet trip us up), which are good destinations if you're a single gal? We need advice, opinions, options. I know nothing about Philadelphia, unless you count The Philadelphia Story. All I know of Atlanta With the Wind which I suspect is slightly out of date. And Boston is, I know, where the beans are and where everybody knows your name. Please, hit comment and leave us advice!

FWIW, there are two West Coast options, for an additional sixty quid. These are LA and SF, both of which I have visited before and which the others are not keen on. The "free flight" is rather less appealing with tax and another sixty quid on it. And yes, DW types, I know I could come out for the Gally con in LA in February on this offer, but I'll only do that if we can't do our S&tC style "four grrls on holiday" thing.

Meanwhile, on a writerly thing, I was in the BTP today. I managed to nab a small sofa and settled down with notebook and pot of darjeling to work during my lunch hour. After a little while, I noticed a person at one of the tables, also with notepad and pot of tea. This is not unusual: BTP tends to attract a slightly writerly crowd due to the slight junior common room feel and the fact you can spin out a pot of good tea for over an hour without the staff getting huffy at you. However, I glanced up a little later and caught the eye of this other person. There was this fleeting moment when we both smiled at each other and then bent back to our seperate notebooks. It was such a wonderful moment, to find solidarity in the solitude of writing in a massive, crowded cafe.

To re-iterate: holiday itinery - we need your help! Look, there's a comment link just there, right below this...or go to ladylark's LJ and vote...

oh, and we're not just into shopping. We're not shallow. We like culture and stuff as well. We're probably, it's safe to say, not looking for the sort of place people go for "Spring Break" though...So culture and shops, not jelly shots...

Posted @ 10:28 pm on Monday, July 26, 2004
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