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I've not quite got the hang of night or low level light photos with the nikon yet. These four are just about the only ones that work at any level. All were taken pretty much from my chair in the attic.

moon over the skyline - view from my attic window [click to see full image] | chinese lanterns - above and behind my desk [click to see full image] | new chinese bells in the attic window [click to see full image] | chinese lanterns inc. the unlit ones [click to see full image]

Meanwhile the day job got me a funky little headset so that I'm no longer juggling a phone handset, a pen, the keyboard and my cup of coffee. This is a good thing, though I'm alarmed by how quickly I got used to plugging myself in to the hardware each time I sat down at my desk. The suggestion has been made that, what with the particular design of it, I need either a) a WREN uniform or b) an Angels outfit (from Captain Scarlet, obviously). Either itchy serge or white leather might be a bit impractical in the summer months though...

Posted @ 8:41 pm on Thursday, July 22, 2004
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