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I am having trouble settling into a work groove. This is partially because my weeks are so fragmented by the day job (three days out of the office last week) that I can't create a routine. It's also partially, I suspect, because I am losing all sense of scale: with large day job projects which are falling behind, there too I am losing time to small chores. Tonight, I came home ready to settle. I did some chores. I got all the bits organised for the tea-making things up here in the attic (there's no point having milk in the mini-fridge, or even the mini-fridge on, if you are not home enough to make use of it). I admit to a certain amount of needless faffing about: yesterday I decided to hoover under the futon in my room, today I decided to clean my desk properly rather than just shove the paper about a bit and wipe it at the surface with my palms. I got a cloth and some cleaner and everything. That is justified however, as I have a monthly desire to clean and I'm not about to fight my biology (is it the other way around for neat-freak women? Do they have a couple of days a month when they don't clean?). Plus, I now have nothing to distract me on my desk. Apart from the piece of malachite, the CDs, the mini-kaleidescope, etc.
The wind turned at dusk, whilst I was tidying, so that the fresh rain-laden air made the chinese chimes I've just hung in the window ring out for the first time. They have a very different note and pitch to the other various bells and chimes in the house and garden. So, I'm ready to go...

Of course, then I make the mistake of checking the OG New Series News and discover that filming on the new series of Doctor Who has started. Naturally, there were IM discussions of his jacket (alright, I concede - it is a bit Topman) and emails to send. This is precisely why I said before that I may have to block OG from my daily reading lists. Grrr...

Posted @ 10:01 pm on Tuesday, July 20, 2004
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