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The fads blog is going into the net equivilent of mothballs.

Instead I'll be using the thingy to generate a list of links. A nod of the head to Jon at rogue semiotics who finally got me to play with it (having seen it over on anti-mega's blog). Sometimes I need big obvious diagrams to get things to work online. I'm currently in the process of moving irregularly read blogs from the blogrolling feed to the list so I have a way of accessing them without filling up the right panel here.

Jon made the point about how this system of link sharing is similar to open source and brain mapping stuff. Certainly, since I took a couple minutes to play with, I've found it terribly alluring. You add a link, complete with user-defined multiple indexing tags, and can immediately see if other people have linked to it. So you follow that, or see what has been recently added under the same tag (e.g. architecture is one used by lots of people) and follow those links and...well, you can imagine the time-wasting potential.

Here's the link to the entire list:
Mags L Halliday's list.

The feedroll RSS of the most recently added links is to the right.

Posted @ 11:26 am on Friday, July 02, 2004
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