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Comics, or comical writers, appear to be the one type of public figure most liable to start a blog. Bill Bailey blogs, very infrequently. Richard Herring blogs, daily. Now Michael Moore is blogging. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the US furore over Fahrenheit 9/11, there is no comments feature. Moore is polemical and partizan but that does make for entertaining documentary films - hopefully I'll see Fahrenheit 9/11 next week.

Tangentally, Ray Bradbury has demanded Moore retitle the film - presumeably he thinks people may confuse a bear-like American in a baseball hat ranting with a fictional book-burning fireman in a fascist state i.e. Moore is "passing off" as connected to Bradbury's novel. We'll glide over the SF author using Shakespeare's line as a title of a novel.

Two quick photos (warning! one does have a spider in it):

gangsta rat | !WARNING! SPIDER!! albino spider on a daisy

Posted @ 7:01 pm on Friday, July 09, 2004
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