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Advertising Ghosts is a new blog project I'm working on with a couple of other people. It's not dissimilar in content to the wonderful Satan's Laundromat, although with the emphasis on wall-painted advertisments of the 1950s/60s. At the moment the design needs some tweaks and nudges, I think - I may change the thumbnail size to 100 x 100 to suit LJers. If you're a photographer of ephemera and would be interested in signing up, let me know.

I have finally bought my own digital camera. It's just a little Nikon - the same model as the one I've been using here already. So expect an over-indulgence of photos of my garden posted here over the next few weeks. My neighbour has offered to help me pull down the garden shed (we even talked briefly of having a communal one in place of it) which is going to cause all kinds of chaos out there and upset the hedgehogs.

The Lurg continues, causing me to develop a lovely hacking cough whilst on a flight back from Belfast. It's not so much the cough that is so uncomfortable at those moments, as the awareness that half the plane is thinking "oh dear god, have we got this all the way?". I suspect the number of flights I've taken in the last fortnight is contributing to the 'ears full of cotton wool' feeling. I saw this flight calculator on Newsnight: you put in your flights and it tells you how many trees to plant to rebalance your carbon emissions. Unfortunately, it doesn't let you do it via UK internal flights. I eventually calculated my air miles and put them into this site. My air travel in the last fortnight is the same as 0.7 trees.

Posted @ 9:54 am on Thursday, June 10, 2004
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