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Some of the questions in that quiz refer to American stuff. I was told off in the results (63.5) for not knowing the soundtrack to The Breakfast Club. And for a good reason, thank you very much: I don't like The Breakfast Club. Allison is, at the end, made over to conform and given the reward of a bloke. A lot of the people in the sub-goth subset at my school, circa 1985, adored The Breakfast Club but I always thought it sold out. The text is saying "we are all individuals" but the subtext is saying "conform to peer pressure". Of all the teen movies of the Brat Pack era this is the one I objected to the most, primarily because of the way in which it was held up to be the best film of the decade by my fellow anti-social black-wearing non-conformists. Look what they do to Ally Sheedy! It's wrong! Just wrong! Ahem.

At least I got a converse trainer for the image (although sadly not an all-star lo-top).

Posted @ 6:59 pm on Monday, May 03, 2004
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